long division

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    Dividing 480/(-1.6x10^(-19))

    1. A capacitor with a capacity of C= 20μF is connected to a source with a voltage of V=24V. We unplug the source from the capacitor and we then connect it with a wire and the capacitor gets charged in a time of Δt=0.2s. Figure out the number of electrons that pass go to the capacitor and the...
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    I Polynomial division

    Hello everyone. Iam working on a course in digital control systems and by reading my textbook I stumbled over this expression. C(z) = 0.3678z + 0.2644 : z^2 − 1.3678z + 0.3678 = 0.3678z^−1 + 0.7675z^−2 + 0.9145z^−3 + ... Now Iam wondering how the result of the polynomial division is...