1. SamRoss

    B Trouble with polynomial long division

    I'm reading a book where the author gives the long division solution of ##\frac 1 {1+y^2}## as ##1-y^2+y^4-y^6...##. I'm having trouble duplicating this result and even online calculators such as Symbolab are not helpful. Can anyone explain how to get it?
  2. Shaw-krow

    Long distance broadcast, internet data packets across town?

    I got something i want to do for fun and help out a...person i know but i never finished high school so thats my degree level. i was wondering if there is a way under $100 to possibly use my internet or posibly 2 peoples internet connections on the other side of the town i live in, split up the...
  3. I

    Can an action potential last for a long time?

    I just learned that "action potential is a short-lasting event" (wiki) If someone is experiencing an emotion of sadness, is that same action potential keeps firing many times back to back or can it actually be a possibility that an action potential lasts for a "very long time". I am guessing...
  4. M

    Engineering Civil Engineering Bachelor's for a 29 year old

    My background: -BA Economics 2007 from a UC school -I took a year of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and a few Stats courses as well to prepare for grad school in Econ. -I never took General Chem or Physics -Worked in finance. I realized early on that my job was more about...