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  1. Shreya

    Electric field due to a Poloidal Magnetic Field in Toroidal Magnetic Confinement of a Plasma

    Please be kind to help. How is an electric field formed due to toroidal magnetic field? How does the introduction of a poloidal magnetic field confine the plasma? Please answer in the context of Nuclear Fusion Reactor (tokamak).
  2. A

    Magnetic field on a loop due to another loop

    In the attached picture, the outer wire is carrying a current I(t), and it's asked to find the induced EMF in the inner loop. Now I have indeed calculated the B-field along the z-axis due to the outer loop. My lecturer then puts z=0 into that expression and then multiplied it with the area of...
  3. V

    Magnetic field due to a straight wire and circular arc

    Homework Statement Find the magnitude of the magnetic induction B of a magnetic field generated by a system of thin conductors along which a current i is flowing at a point A(O,R,O), that is the center of a circular conductor of radius R. The ring is in the yz plane. Homework Equations [/B]...
  4. P

    B GoalRef Technology

    Hi, I am interested in the basics of goalref technology however there is not many material out there. What i want to know is why does the magnetic fields have to be low frequency? and how does it detect if the ball has fully crossed the line? And lastly what is the purpose of the coils...