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  1. B

    Mass transfer coefficient from a numerical model

    Dear all, For an assignment, I am trying to find the relationship between the Sherwood number and the Reynolds number in a channel for different laminar velocity profiles, where there is a concentration of a species at both the top and bottom wall which is transported to the fluid. For this, I...
  2. Rahulx084

    Mass Transfer: are both convective mass transfer and eddy diffusion the same?

    I have studied that mass transfer is of two types Molecular mass transfer(diffusion) Eddy diffusion then in later portion of the book I found that there is convective mass transfer too, I wanted to ask if both convective mass transfer and eddy diffusion are same ? I read this equation N_i =...
  3. MexChemE

    Heat and mass transfer -- Boundary conditions & balance terms

    Hello, PF! Recently, while reading chapter 10 (microscopic energy balances) of the second edition of BSL, I found a minor discrepancy which is confusing me, especially when considering the mathematical analogies of heat and mass transfer. In section 10.1, the authors introduce Newton's law of...