What is Mathtype: Definition and 30 Discussions

MathType is a software application created by Design Science that allows the creation of mathematical notation for inclusion in desktop and web applications.
After Design Science was acquired by Maths for More in 2017, their WIRIS web equation editor software been rebranded as MathType.

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  1. S

    LaTeX Colors inside formulas imported from MathType

    I would like to include colors in letters or numbers inside formulas just like I did here with text. By the way, I use the software MathType to build my formulas and used to be able to paste the equations easily on PhysicsForums, but can't do it lately. Do you know by chance the Copy-and-Paste...
  2. K

    Mathtype: extra space after inline equation

    Hello, i use mathtype 7.3 in word - in office 365 for equations. Everything is okay, but when inserting an inline equation, an extra space is inserted after the equation in Word. It looks ugly. i found http://dessci.com/en/support/mathtype/tsn/tsn143.htm but it didnt help me. It does not work...
  3. K

    MathType - best font for equations?

    I am writing my PhD Thesis now and i have a lot of equations. I use Word (for text) and for eqations i use MathType. For text i use Calibri font 12pt but for eqations - in MathType i prefer Euclid. It looks pretty good but i would like to ask you, if it is a problem that fonts for texts and...
  4. B

    MHB Share MathType Equations: Techniques and Tips from Design Science's Bob Mathews

    We have some MathType users who want to create lists of equations to share. Are any of you doing that? Care to share your techniques? Thanks, Bob Mathews Design Science
  5. C

    Mathematica Mathematical software: Latex, Mathml, MathType, Maple?

    Which mathematical software(s) can you recommend for 1. As a substitute for a calculator (TI89): making basic graphs, regressions (linear, exponential), vectors, solving equations, showing graphs in 2d and 3d? 2. Writing an ebook with lot's of math. I'm thinking Mathml or Mathtype might be...
  6. Bababarghi

    MATLAB Transfer equations from MathType to Matlab

    Hi, Has anyone tried to paste equations from MathType into Matlab ? I follow every step described here No matter what equation I paste, I get following error in Matlab: | Error: The input character is not valid in MATLAB statements or expressions.
  7. H

    Help with Mathtype and translations

    Hi! I'm writing because I have many problems with Mathtype when translating (copy and paste). I want to find one configuration which works for all forums... specially this one and Moodle. But, e.g. when I try to do a equation system with a "key" symbol in Mathtype: (I'm testing different...
  8. M

    Equation in mathtype appear randomly when double clicking for editing

    equation in mathtype appear randomly when double clicking for editing Hi everybody, Can anyone help me for my great problem. I typesetted a document in microsoft word 2007 full of math equations typed with mathtype. But when I double click on every equation in the document it will...
  9. B

    Maple MathJax, already in use here, now in AIP journals

    We are happy to announce a new partnership between MathJax and AIP Publishing. MathJax is an open-source JavaScript display engine that produces high-quality math in all modern browsers, without plug-ins or other special set-up requirements, which is why it works so great on Physics Forums...
  10. J

    LaTeX Convert MS Word documents into LaTeX

    I realize this is most likely an extremely basic question but I can't seem to find the answer... I am wondering if it's possible to convert MS Word documents (with some MathType equations) into LaTeX (and then into pdf files)? I have never used LaTex before and would appreciate some basic...
  11. F

    Disappearing equation in math type

    Hi I use MathType 6.7 in win. 7 64 bits. I want prepare paper for a journal. in journal template my equations show with problem. but in other word document there are not any problem. why this occurs? I upload template file and regular file in follow links...
  12. O

    LaTeX LaTeX: Text type, displayed type?

    After playing around with MathType's translate to LaTeX tool, I noticed it encloses its translated TeX expressions with either $<expression>$ or $$<expression>$$ depending on whether "Inline Equation" is toggled or not. Being new to TeX, I looked this up, and the wiki page...
  13. B

    Which software to draw math/physics figure?

    Hi, I would like to ask a question on figure drawing. When communicating math/physics idea with other people, it is inevitable that formulas and figures are needed. For formulas we have TEX or Mathtype, but for drawing figures, is there very convenient tools that could quickly give...
  14. J

    Mathematica From Mathematica into MathType

    I want to copy and paste a very large equation from Mathematica into MathType in Word however MathType is saying my equation is too large. I need to do this for supplementary info for a publication. Any ideas?
  15. J

    Mathematica Copy and paste from mathematica

    How can I copy an equation from mathematica into MS word so that it looks nice and is able to be edited using MS Equation's Editor/Mathtype? Thanks.
  16. O

    How can I change the properties of multiple equations in Mathtype at once?

    Hallo everyone, I have a word document full of equations in Mathtype and I added a new equation which I wrote in different size and style. Does anyone know how I can change the old equations (not one by one) so their properties (size, style) would be exactly as those of the new equation...
  17. n.karthick

    LaTeX Latex: Get Straight Integral Sign

    I am using Latex for typesetting technical document. The default \int command produces the integral sign in somewhat slanting style. But I need the integral sign which look straight as I get in Mathtype software. Even though one may feel, why can't I just accept the default style of integral...
  18. C

    Mathtype opening wrong equation

    Using XP and MathType 5.2 in Wordperfect 12. All was working well until Mathtype continued to open an old equation irrespective of the equation clicked. Copying the equation to a new document, clearing (XP) clipboard, restarting WP, restarting the computer, trying to open each of a number of...
  19. C

    Solve MathType Issues in WordPerfect XP & Word 2003+

    I use XP, Wordperfect 12, (X4 on trial), and MathType 5.2. Equations in WP good and conversion to Adobe pdf fine. Saving WP files as Word 2003+ gives equations out-of-line, so distorted as to be unreadable even with Word on same computer with same MathType. Text is fine. Font of equations in...
  20. N

    LaTeX Optimization problems in LaTeX

    I am trying to write something like: minimize {w \in \mathbb{C}^N} You can see it in the attached file. It is written in MathType. I want to do the same in LaTeX. One way (not so correct) is to use "min" instead of "minimize": \displaystyle \min_{w \in \mathbb{C}^N}
  21. P

    LaTeX I am stupid, tell me how to create documents with LaTeX.

    I want to create documents using LaTeX. I have: MiKTeX TeXnicCenter Ghostscript GSview Mathtype v. 5.0 I want to create documents, but I have no idea how to start, this all seems foreign to me. Assume I am a stupid High School Sophmore who doesn't know anything.
  22. C

    \mathring{} symbol in Mathtype

    For various reasons, I have to rewrite part of my thesis in MS Word and Mathtype, after I wrote it in LaTeX. I used some notation in LaTeX from the amsmath package, which I'm finding very hard to reproduce satisfactorily in Mathtype. Take a look at the attached image. On the left there is...
  23. A

    Handlin Home Work In a Printed Form

    Hi, I am fresh undergrad student. I have decided to handle all my homework in a printed form, this saves time and allows me to correct stupid mistakes without the need to re write whole pages. I have tried several solutions, but none suits me best: Open Office's math is too slow and as...
  24. B

    Can TeX be directly typed into Word using MathType 6.5 for Windows?

    Many of you have gotten comfortable with TeX/LaTeX as a result of this forum, so I wanted to let you know that with MathType 6.5 for Windows (released yesterday), you can now type TeX directly into Word and change the code into a MathType equation either by clicking a toolbar icon, or with the...
  25. N

    LaTeX How to Use Latex in Word (2007): A Faster Way to Type Formulas

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place for my question, but here goes... I was wondering if it is possible to use Latex to type formules (just like on this forum) in Word 2007. I am now using either MathType or the built in equation editor but I think they're too much of a hassle...
  26. A

    LaTeX Microsoft Word/Mathtype to LaTeX Coversion

    Does anyone know of an easy, effective, and preferably free way to convert Word (*.doc) documents with Mathtype 5.2 equations to standard, compliable LaTeX format (*.tex). This is very important. Thanks.
  27. T

    Mathematica How to upload the mathematical formula i have type?

    i use mathType to type mathematical formulae, after that, what should i do to post the formulae to this forum? Thanks in advanced! :biggrin: :bugeye: :approve:
  28. exequor

    LaTeX Latex vs. MS Word/MathType: Which is Better for Writing Equations?

    I'm in the process of getting Latex running on my system but I've been wondering whether I should. I read articles from all over the net but I still can't find solid reasons why I should use Latex as opposed to MS Word with MathType. Does anyone have solid reasons why it is better, apart from...
  29. A

    Is there a free alternative to MathType and Math Writer?

    Is there a free alternative to MathType and Math Writer?
  30. T

    MathType to create different types of mathematical documents

    I'm using MathType to create different types of mathematical documents. I've encountered an annoying problem when writing an equation in line with some text. I'll try to illustrate it here: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla yyyyyyyyyyyyy bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...