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    Inertia tensor of cone around its apex

    Im trying to calculate the principals moments of inertia (Ixx Iyy Izz) for the inertia tensor by triple integration using cylindrical coordinates in MATLAB. % Symbolic variables syms r z theta R h M; % R (Radius) h(height) M(Mass) % Ixx unox = int((z^2+(r*sin(theta))^2)*r,z,r,h); % First...
  2. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Moment of inertia tensor calculation and diagonalization

    Homework Statement Not sure if this is advanced, so move it wherever. A certain rigid body may be represented by three point masses: m_1 = 1 at (1,-1,-2) m_2 = 2 at (-1,1,0) m_3 = 1 at (1,1,-2) a) find the moment of inertia tensor b) diagonalize the matrix obtaining the eigenvalues and the...