Mond galaxy-cluster kinematics Definition and 6 Discussions

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  1. ohwilleke

    I Evidence of Strong Equivalence Principle Violations?

    This paper appears to be a major break though in observational evidence of a strong equivalence principle violation, something predicted in MOND and contrary to general relativity. The analysis is model dependent, but it seems to rule out the most plausible conventional GR based alternatives...
  2. ohwilleke

    I Too Much Dark Matter In CEG Mrk 1216

    New observations of Compact Elliptical Galaxy Mrk 1216 show a very high apparently dark matter fraction based upon the intragalaxy dynamics of stars in the galaxy, relative to the baryonic mass of the galaxy inferred from typical mass to light ratios for galaxies of that type. The inferred...
  3. redtree

    I Galaxy Rotation Curves and Mass Discrepancy

    I apologize for the simple question, but I am trying to understand the Mass Discrepancy-Acceleration Relation and its relationship to ##\mu(x)## (from The mass discrepancy, defined as the ratio of the gradients of the total to baryonic...
  4. nomadreid

    I Does this variant of MOND exist?

    MOND theories are not very popular, but they don't seem to be going away. As I understand the original one, acceleration is a function of the amount of acceleration which would be predicted by Newton's Law. I saw a proposal recently (not yet published, hence I cannot give a reference) which...
  5. Earnest Guest

    Why do so many galaxies in a cluster have near zero velocity

    I'm looking at a velocity chart of the Coma Cluster: And the question occurred to me: why are there so many galaxies that have a zero velocity (relative to the core of the Coma Cluster which is roughly 7,000 km s-1)? At a distance of a Mpc or two you would expect to find galaxies at the peak...
  6. Earnest Guest

    Galaxy Cluster Data

    I have a modification to MOND that appears to work much better than 'Standard' MOND at the galactic scale. I want to test this model now on larger structures. Does anyone know where I can find kinematic data on galaxy clusters, preferably some 'gold' standard that people have been examining for...