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  1. C

    Office Jobs with Science MS

    Hi everybody, First, hi PF! It seems like there's a pretty wide array of backgrounds on the forums, so I'm hoping I can solicit a little advice. I recently graduated with an MS in Physical Chemistry from a top-ranked program. I passed my qualifying exam and everything, but decided that...
  2. W

    Google Docs and MS Office

    I had to deliver a presentation last week. As I didn't have access to MS Office, I decided I'd do my presentation on Google docs. The interface itself is very good and I am used to it. We were told to bring our presentations on a flash drive to insert into the computer connected to the...
  3. L

    MS Office 2010 - purchase doubts

    MS Office 2010 -- purchase doubts Dear members, Products like Norton Anti Virus, when bought, is valid for one year or two years depending on the type of purchase and we have to renew the subscription periodically. Whether this applies to MS Office 2010? I plan to buy it. It will be waste of...
  4. pairofstrings

    Programming language in MSN/Y!/MS Office?

    My question is simple. And that is: How to find out the programming language used in creating the softwares that we use on our different platforms/architectures/instruction sets? Is there any method to find it? Is it necessary that all the windows based software use C/C++ to create softwares...
  5. DaveC426913

    MS Office/Word language settings

    I'm using Word (which was installed by my company, which is by coincidence, French in origin) and it seems to have some low-level setting that causes it to make French choices for things such as the dictionary and the "Writing Style". As a result, the Word dictionary thinks half my document is...
  6. dduardo

    MS Office 12 [Broken] What do you think of the new interface? Looks like they they stole the brushed metal look of OSX.
  7. dduardo

    MS Perspective: OO.o vs MS Office [Broken] Very funny stuff. I think Micosoft is getting a bit worried about Open Source.