negative feedback loop

  1. W

    Root Locus of Negative Feedback System

    From my understanding, the root locus is only concerned with open loop gain. I figured this means you would ignore the negative feedback loop and calculate the root locus from just the plant's function Workings: zeros: -1 poles: 0, -2, -2, relative degree = 2 => 90-degree asymptotes meeting...
  2. D

    Differential Amplifier with negative feedback

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations Adiff(single-ended)= 1/2gm*ro||Rd β=R2/(R1+R2) 3. The Attempt at a Solution I am really confused as to how to find A. I know the feedback of the circuits around the R2 and R1, but I dont understand how the open loop gain can be found. Can...
  3. genxium

    Does Wien bridge oscillator have a closed-loop gain?

    1. Homework Statement By Wien bridge oscillator (abbreviated as WBO below) I refer to this circuit where the op-amp is assumed to be ideal and the output is the voltage drained from the upper end of R3. What confuses me is that I hardly find a reference which explicitly states that a WBO...
  4. MarcusAu314

    Control theory: block diagram, problem (detailed below)

    I´m taking a course on control engineering and I have a test next Tuesday so I need to study the basics which are: Laplace transform, simplification of block diagrams, and analysis of transient and steady state responses. Right now I am dealing with the second one. I know the basic rules of...