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  1. F

    Python Invert a matrix from a 4D array : equivalence or difference with indexes

    I have a 4D array of dimension ##100\text{x}100\text{x}3\text{x}3##. I am working with `Python Numpy. This 4D array is used since I want to manipulate 2D array of dimensions ##100\text{x}100## for the following equation (it allows to compute the ##(i,j)## element ##F_{ij}## of Fisher matrix) ...
  2. S

    A How to find the partial derivatives of a composite function

    Hello, dear colleague. Now I'm dealing with issues of modeling processes of heat and mass transfer in frozen and thawed soils. I am solving this problems numerically using the finite volume method (do not confuse this method with the finite element method). I found your article: "Numerical...
  3. lucasLima

    How can I solve this system with Newton's method?

    Homework Statement I'll try to be as clear as possible but this exercise is in portuguese and this is a free translation from me "The sum of two numbers is 3.4 .If we take each of them and summed with they square, the product of it would be 18.5856. The lowest of those number is in the interval...
  4. lucasLima

    Help proving triangle inequality for metric spaces

    So, i need to proof the triangle inequality ( d(x,y)<=d(x,z)+d(z,y) ) for the distance below But i'm stuck at In those fractions i need Xk-Zk and Zk-Yk in the denominators, not Xk-Yk and Xk-Yk. Thanks in advance