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  1. M

    MATLAB Chromatography PDE MOL

    Hello all I am using the method of lines to solve the following PDE: ## \frac {\partial C} {\partial t} + F\frac {\partial q} {\partial t} + u \frac {dC} {dz} = D_{ax} \frac{\partial^2 C} {\partial z^2} ## ## \frac {\partial q} {\partial t} = k (q^{*}-q) ## With these initial conditions: ##...
  2. Ziezi

    Discrepancies between numerical and analytical solutions

    The analytical solutions are: \begin{equation} \psi(x) = \begin{cases} Ce^{\alpha x}, \text{if } x < -\frac{L}{2}\\ Asin(kx) + Bcos(kx), \text{if } -\frac{L}{2} \leq x \leq \frac{L}{2}\\ Fe^{-\alpha x} , \text{if } x > \frac{L}{2} \end{cases} \end{equation}...
  3. lucasLima

    How can I solve this system with Newton's method?

    Homework Statement I'll try to be as clear as possible but this exercise is in portuguese and this is a free translation from me "The sum of two numbers is 3.4 .If we take each of them and summed with they square, the product of it would be 18.5856. The lowest of those number is in the interval...
  4. Elvis 123456789

    Write a computer program to solve for time of a falling body

    Homework Statement In this problem you will do numerical computer calculations. A skydiver of mass 75.0 kg jumps out of a plane at an altitude of 30.0 km above the surface of the Earth. His parachute fails to open. Assume there is no horizontal motion and the initial velocity is zero. We...
  5. M

    Looking for a numeric classical mechanics problem for project

    Homework Statement I was recently assigned an assignment where my instructor told us to come up with an idea for a numeric classical mechanics problem that is solved by computer methods. Some ideas the instructor gave was to simulate motion of a sun-earth-moon system or simulate the tides of a...
  6. kostoglotov

    Multiple Integral Challenge Question, no solution in guide

    I have what I think is a valid solution, but I'm not sure, and when I try to check the answer approximately in Matlab, I don't get a verified value, and I'm not sure if my analytic solution or my approximation method in Matlab is at fault. 1. Homework Statement Evaluate the integral...