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  1. C

    B Node at a closed end and an antinode at a open end of a tube

    What causes there to be a node at a closed end of an air column and an antinode at the open end of a air column? Why doesn't it change as the wave oscillates?
  2. Tam Le

    Open-ended air columns

    When we calculate the natural frequency of an open-ended air column, is the natural frequency we calculated pertaining to the air column or the hollowed cylinder containing the air column? I imagine that the natural frequency belongs to the hollowed cylinder, for the natural frequency of...
  3. fiddleback

    What does the sound coming from an open column look like?

    I believe I understand what happens inside an air column that is open at both ends when you cause a disruption such as blowing into it. But I am not sure what happens in the space between the air column and your ear. Please let me explain what my current understanding is and tell me if I'm...