Optical design Definition and 4 Discussions

Optical lens design is the process of designing a lens to meet a set of performance requirements and constraints, including cost and manufacturing limitations. Parameters include surface profile types (spherical, aspheric, holographic, diffractive, etc.), as well as radius of curvature, distance to the next surface, material type and optionally tilt and decenter. The process is computationally intensive, using ray tracing or other techniques to model how the lens affects light that passes through it.

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  1. F

    Evaluate the outgoing radiation from an optical fiber on a surface

    The geometric configuration that I am adopting is the following, I hope you understand. The optical fiber is positioned relative to the bottom surface at a height ##a## and an angle ##\alpha## with respect to the y-axis in the yz-plane with x = 0. ##b## is the distance between the origin and...
  2. Pattarasak

    I How to create the operator of unknown beamsplitter

    Hello everyone, I'm undergraduate and my project is an experiment in the field of quantum optics. For now, I have an Unknown beamsplitter in my lab and I want to calculate the operator of this beamsplitter in matrix form (this BS is not perfected equipment because the reflected beam is not...
  3. Jayant Dabas

    Can we create femtosecond laser instead of buying it

    Is there a possible way to redesign femtosecond lasers to reduce cost?
  4. N

    External focus in an optical system

    I feel a bit stuid for asking this. I have an optical system conisting of a laser source, a lens with some focal length F and aperture stop `(with some diamater D), followed by another lens (with another focal length) f and aperture stop d at some distance r from the first aperture stop D. What...