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  1. CDL

    Mean Frequency and Frequency Spread of a Laser Pulse

    Homework Statement Laser probes are being used to examine the states of atoms and molecules at high temporal resolution. A laser operating at a wavelength of 400 nm produces a 1 femtosecond pulse. Compute the mean frequency and frequency spread, ∆ν, of this laser pulse. Homework Equations c =...
  2. G

    A Is laser light polarised? In which direction?

    Hello. I want to know about the polarisation of lasers and I've been reading basically two kinds of answers for the question 'Is laser light polarised?' The first one is 'yes' and the second one 'not necessarily'. Let's consider a gaussian laser. Ideally its light is monochromatic and coherent...
  3. Domenico94

    Solar panels and optical parametric oscillator

    Hi everyone. On these days, by watching solar panels and similar stuff, I just thought about it, and why they take such a wide surface to produce energy, and why their output is often low, as we all know. By navigating here on the internet, I've just seen a device called OPO (Optical...