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The Order of Australia is an honour that recognises Australian citizens and other persons for achievement or meritorious service. It was established on 14 February 1975 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, on the recommendation of the Australian Government. Before the establishment of the order, Australian citizens received British honours.
The Queen of Australia is sovereign head of the order, while the Governor-General of Australia is the principal companion/dame/knight (as relevant at the time) and chancellor of the order. The governor-general's official secretary, currently Paul Singer, is secretary of the order. Apart from knighthoods and damehoods, which are awarded by the Prime Minister of Australia, the orders are conferred by the Council of the Order of Australia, following a selection process.

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  1. F

    B Order of a dark fringe in Young's double slit experiment

    So the angular position for constructive fringes is d \sin \theta = m \lambda = (2m) \frac{\lambda}{2}, \qquad m=0, \pm 1, \pm 2, \ldots whereas for destructive fringes we have d \sin \theta = m \lambda = (2m+1) \frac{\lambda}{2}, \qquad m=0, \pm 1, \pm 2, \ldots I can see that ##m##...
  2. shihab-kol

    Second law of thermodynamics

    From what I know, the law says that disorder increases over time. But, when a building is constructed the disordered bricks,cement etc. take form of the ordered building. Am I wrong or is this an exception?
  3. I

    Order of molecules during transcription

    I wonder if this is a viable question: During transcription processes, which molecule in genes is "first in line", the phosphate group or the ribose sugar? I know they line up interchangeably, but does one of them "start" the process first? I guess I could ask the same thing about proteins...
  4. A

    Perturbation theory problem

    Homework Statement I have the particle in the infinite square well and need to calculate the first order correction energy and the wave function. L is the width and the potential is: 1/2 mw2x2 in the -L/2 < x < L/2 and infinity in x <= -L/2 and x>=L/2 Homework Equations H'=H-H0[/B] The...
  5. funlord

    B Where is the best place to put the arbitrary constant?

    I am having trouble to where to put the arbitrary constant in solving order differential equations. Because sometimes when I am solving, I can't really where to put the arbitrary constant if it is either the left side or right side. I am only at equations of order one. Plss keep it simple...
  6. fluidistic

    LaTeX Changing the order of references using bibtex to sequential

    Hi people, I'm having a very hard time to sort the references sequentially in my latex document. Right now my text is displayed as "blabla... [13] blabla.... blabla.... [6]" , so that I get [13] and [6] instead of [1] and [2]. I use bibtex and here's a simplification of the format I use...
  7. Q

    Solution to Coupled Second Order ODE's

    Homework Statement [/B] I'm trying to 'solve' two coupled second order ODE's with the intent of putting them in state space. My specific problem is more complex and includes additional equations which are irrelevant. Essentially I can solve the problem if I know the solution to this. x1 and...
  8. DeldotB

    Determine if a group is cyclic

    Hello all! If I have a group of order 20 that has three elements of order 4, can this group be cyclic? What if it has two elements? I am new to abstract algebra, so please keep that in mind! Thanks!
  9. avikarto

    Question on polynomial orders

    I am trying to use a numerical polynomial root finding method, but I am unsure of the order of an expression. For example, if I have something that looks like x2+5x √(x2+3)+x+1=0 what is the coefficient of the second order (and potentially even the first order) term? Is the entire 5x√... term...
  10. I

    When do you begin to prove? which maths lead to proofs?

    Hi, Could someone please tell me at which point in learning maths do you begin to write and solve proofs? I have taken high school maths so far except for discrete math. If there is a list of different maths that lead up to proof writing, please let me know of them and in which order I...
  11. Ryan Reed

    Do Protons and Neutrons Move around in the Nucleus?

    Protons and Neutrons vibrate in place, but do they change positions within the nucleus? Let's say that there's a helium atom which has two protons and two neutrons. If the particles were set up on the corners of a square for easy representation with a neutron on the top left and top right, and a...
  12. P

    Heat equation order of accuracy (Crank-Nicolson)

    Hi, Let's consider the heat equation as \frac{\partial T}{\partial t}=\alpha \frac{{{\partial }^{2}}T}{\partial {{x}^{2}}} In order to have a second accuracy system, one can use the Crank-Nicolson method as \frac{{{\partial }^{2}}T}{\partial {{x}^{2}}}\approx \frac{1}{2}\left(...
  13. R

    Finding a normal subgroup H of Zmn of order m

    Homework Statement Find a normal subgroup H of Zmn of order m where m and n are positive integers. Show that H is isomorphic to Zm. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am honestly not even sure where to start. My initial thoughts were if Zmn was isomorphic to Zm x Zn then I could...