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  1. H

    MATLAB Problem with pdepe

    function sol=temp_pde(t,R,X,source) m=1; %Sets the geometry to cylindrical global theta kappa h Q; theta=X(1); kappa=X(2); h=X(3); r=linspace(0,R,800); Q=source; sol=pdepe(m,pdefun,icfun,bcfun,r,t); end function [c,f,s] = pdefun(r,t,u,DuDx) global theta kappa Q; c = theta; s = Q; f =...
  2. SimOpera

    MATLAB Pdepe solver for diffusion equation in a packed column

    Consider I have a packed column of length L filled with known characteristic adsorbent. I am putting a mixture of N components in it and I am solving for concentration of each component in mobile phase at the outlet of the column. The equations which are to be generalised are as follows: An...
  3. m.r.fouladi

    MATLAB BioHeat Equation solution in MATLAB using pdepe

    We have this Equation as bioheat equation: ∂T/∂t = α ∇2T + 1/ρc[S+Sp+Sm] and also this: Sp=mbcb(Tab-T) that all α,ρ,c,S,Sm,mb,cb,Tab are constants, now I want to solve this equation in conditions below with pdepe in MATLAB: There is a Tumor as a sphere with radius 1 cm exactly in center of a...
  4. K

    Solving PDEPE without boundary conditions? heat transfer

    Hi all! I am trying to solve a system of partial differential equations in Matlab, with both derivatives in time and space domains. I am using the pdepe function for that. The system is, to be simple, a sort of solar thermal panel, made of three layers: an absorber plate, a fluid layer of...