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  1. HmJeremy

    Thermodynamic Entropy

    Help! Hi, I need in the secodn law of thermodynamic, we have the ENTROPY "S". Well, I need help for this: We have dS ≈ dQ Then we have dS = λ *dQ where we have λ = λ (T, ... ) I have to demostrate that : λ = 1/T , where T = temperature. Thanks for the advices and help!
  2. S

    Programs (Space) Industry - Different Paths Towards It

    Hello! I am a returning student, 19YO, and will be starting back in community college in a month retaking classes I failed the first go-around with college. This is hopefully less of a "tell me what to do" thread, and more of a "clarify my misconceptions." Basically, I am very interested in a...
  3. P

    Falling object, time between images

    Homework Statement Estimate the time between each photoflash of the apple in Fig. 2-18 (or number of photoflashes per second). Assume the apple is about 10 cm in diameter. [Hint: Use two apple positions, but not the unclear ones at the top.] Homework Equations All we have learned in class is...
  4. S

    Atwood with Sliding mass and real pulley

    Homework Statement Block 1 with mass m1=4.04 kg rests on a very low friction horizontal ledge. This block is attached to a string that passes over a pulley, and the other end of the string is attached to the hanging block 2 of mass m2=2.02 kg, as shown. The pulley is a uniform disk of radius...
  5. G

    Centre of mass of this boomerang?

    Homework Statement I have an image with the question here: The red text is the answer. I havent been able to get it without contradicting what Ive been told. Homework Equations I know m1x1 + m2x / m1+m2 is centre of mass in 2d plane, but I dont know how that...
  6. thegirl

    I Limit of cosh and sinh

    Hi I was wondering how you get this when taking the limit of T going to 0 From this expression of S: Please help I don't see how ln infinity goes to uB/KbT (used u to represent the greek letter. And how does the other expression of sinh and cosh approach 1?
  7. J

    AS/A2 Grades question - please help

    Hi there, I have just received my results for AS level this year - I'm taking maths, further maths, chemistry and physics. However, like many people I did the full maths a-level this year (AS & A2) and I'm taking the further maths a-level next year (f.m. AS & A2). I just missed out on an A* in...