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    Programs ICTP or Perimeter Institute?

    Hello. I'm currently studying theoretical physics and planning to continue my study in theoretical physics. I know that there are two interesting places to pursue the education in this field, the International Center for Theoretical Physics (pre-PhD program), and the Perimeter Institute for...
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    Learn French or German language for physicist?

    I am planning on learning a new language in the upcoming year. I already have a B1 level of french and had thought about perfecting it. However, I was told that German was more useful as a physicist as it would open career paths in Germany and postgrad opportunities after undergrad, the only...

    What fields would an MS in Physics cover?

    I am a Mechanical engineering student planning to do masters in physics next year. I am interested in astrophysics and astronomy, but classical and quantum mechanics also interests me.If I take admission into a masters degree program in physics, would I be able to specialize in these fields?What...
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    After BENG in EENG

    Hi, [My Problem] I got a bachelors in Electrical Engineering about 2 years ago and since then I've just been floating around like an unguided wave. A major problem of mine is deciding what to pursue next. I am undoubtedly going to continue my education but not very sure what is exactly I should...
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    Cambridge MASt (part iii) Physics

    Has anyone been through the application process for the part iii physics at Cambridge as an external student? If so, what is the interview like? What sort of questions do they ask? Thanks
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    Post-Graduate Study for Career in Nuclear Fusion?

    Hi, I'm in my final year at an Australian high school and I plan on completing at Bachelors in Science Majoring in Physics as my undergraduate course. My career aspiration is one day work researching nuclear fusion, though I am happy to work with fission reactors, they're just not my first...
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    Nuclear Science and Technology For doing research in Controlled Nuclear Fusion

    I am interested in doing research in controlled nuclear fusion , i am doing my electrical engineering 4th year in India. Since no college in my country offers post graduation in fusion related fields , i have decided to do M.Tech in Nuclear science and technology in Indian Institute of Technolgy...