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    I Poynting Vector of a wire

    If we have a some wire (length L) with a PD of V from one end to the next and a current I moving along it we can work out the Poynting vector. It's pointing radially inwards and so tells you the energy per unit time per unit area flowing into the the surface of the wire. What I don't understand...
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    EM: Evaluating a Poynting vector

    Homework Statement I reference problem 9.10 Purcell's Electricity and Magnetism (3rd ed). A very thin straight wire carries current ##I## from infinity radially inward onto a conducting shell with radius R. Show that the total flux of the Poynting vector away from an imaginary tube of radius...
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    I Magnetic field and Poynting Flux in an Inductor

    Hi everyone, Lately I have been studying the Poynting Flux and I am familiar with the classic examples of how it can be used to describe the power being dissipated by a resistor and the energy flowing into a capacitor, but I have never come across a similar analog for how the Poynting flux...