quadatic equation

  1. bagasme

    Testing Quadratics as Important Chapter for SAT Math

    Hello, Recently I viewed a blog post about SAT Math preparation. It stated that quadratics is the chapter which is most asked in SAT, and if I don't master the chapter, I can't answer most SAT problems. IMO, this statement above implied that quadratics (quadratic equation) is the core chapter...
  2. S

    Quadratic equation help (Time when one vehicle passes another)

    Sample Problem 2.04 Drag race of car and motorcycle I was following all the way up to using the quadratic equation for this problem...(please see img for a more detailed attempt at a solution.) So I may have simplified incorrectly here: but I came up with 2.8t^2-(58.8)t+408.1=0 but when...