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  1. M

    I Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Violation?

    Hello, 2 questions please about the Uncertainty Principle and the following scenario: I shoot at each other, 2 electrons each with equal but opposite velocity such that they repel each other? (To me, this indicates that you know the momentum of each electron and you know each position...
  2. Ebi Rogha

    I Double slit experiment -- Question about the influence of our measurement equipment

    I would like to know, how can we be sure this is not due to the influence/impact/interference of our measurement, not necessarily the intrinsic nature of photons? In most reference books, it seems it is a given and it is not discussed
  3. Q

    B Does this connect Quantum Theory and Special Relativity?

    This is probably extremely wrong I just want to know how. If photons don't experience time doesn't that mean they are every where at once, and if that is true doesn't part of quantum physics say before a particle is observed its in all the states it can be in? So doesn't that apply in that sense...
  4. N

    B How does decoherence work?

    Hi, I'm in ninth grade, and I can't really grasp an idea of how decoherence works. Also, does anyone know where I can good information on what was discussed in the debates between Bohr and Einstein. It seems really interesting.
  5. K

    Entangled Particles and the Hadron Collider?

    If one was to entangle two particles and either send the two particles at each other, or send one of the entangled particles and observe the other; what do you think might happen? If there are any problems with getting an entangled particle into the Hadron Collider, please say so.