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    B Radio Frequency Acceleration in Particle Accelerators

    So, I've been really interested in Particle Physics since 6th grade when I did a project on particle accelerators. I understand most of it, except for one thing, the radio frequency cavities which are used for acceleration. I just want to ask, how do the Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities...
  2. E

    RF and MW receivers' sensitivity

    I'm currently working on a novel RF and MW sensor and I wanted to know whether there is a paper that shows the current very best receiver sensitivity for a range of wavelengths in the RF-MW range in dBm preferably so I can directly compare to my device.
  3. N

    How to compute the location of the antenna when I rotate it?

    Hi group, I have a question regarding to detect the location of the antenna. I read this link: In the "Complex exponential form" part, the equation: U(r,t) = U0 * exp(j*(k.r - w*t) as the function of location and time U0 = A0 * exp(j*phi) : A0 and...
  4. N

    How to calculate standard deviation from the delay?

    I am trying to calculate the unit vector and standard deviation of the signal. I hope everyone can give me ideas. Here is my scenario: I have 2 rx channels: - f is channel 1 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - g is channel 2 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - from f and g, I can...
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    How to detect multipath?

    Hi everyone, I am a new engineer just work in the real industry, so I would like to collect more experience from the real project. I am working on the Multipath problem, but I've not done before in the University, and really do not know how to solve it. During the discussion from the...
  6. rushi121

    How to find a right RF module for a project?

    I am a product developer but not an electronics engineer. I am doing a cost analysis of a product idea for my company. The product will need something like this.... There will be two small portable devices (A and B) 1 meter apart (not in line of sight since A can be in pocket). Product A will...
  7. Sam Gallagher

    Gift: SPICE Double Balanced Mixer Component

    << Mentor Note -- ZIP files are a security risk, and the file has been deleted. Please post the individual files instead. Thanks >> I saw a post from 2009 of someone who needed a mixer component to play with. So for learning purposes I zipped a symbol, schematic, and .sub file together for...