1. F

    A Photons per unit of Energy in Cherenkov radiation?

    If I have a beam of protons that go into a block of water, how can I know how many photons will be produced along the beam path?. I'm assuming all the photons have the same energy. I know that the energy deposition will follow a Bragg Curve, and I think that energy deposition is probably...
  2. AndresPB

    Medical OSL Dosimetry and Build Up Region

    I understand the following image as follows: There is a build up region that varies with photons energy, the Dmax for 6 MV photons is around 1.5 cm. The build up region means that kerma > dose in that region, meaning that photons are creating electrons and when the Dmax is reached it is going...
  3. C

    Medical Radiotherapy Clinical Trials Not Being Published?

    I just noticed this article based on a talk presented at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology conference. Failure to publish trial results exposes patients to risks without providing benefits It's rather concerning on a number of levels: primarily what's the point of conducting...
  4. D

    3D-CRT vs. IMRT in Radiotherapy

    I'm having some trouble truly understanding the difference between these two. As far as I know, the 3D-CRT is just beams from different angles, where you can modulate the beam intensity by lead blocks custom made for each patient, cut out to fit the outline of a tumour. IMRT is when the...
  5. ryanuser

    Why so many treatments for cancer?

    After spending some time doing a project on cancer I found out there are dozens of treatments abailable to at least decrease the cell divison in cancerous cells. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgury. Each one divides into sub categories with tons of treatments available. After looking at lung...