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    Schools Is it selfish to look for research outside of your university?

    After thinking a lot about my posts earlier about doing research elsewhere over the summer and discussing things with my professors, I wanted to thank the people here (specifically @Vanadium 50, for being straightforward) for what they said earlier as it made me reflect on my thoughts and...
  2. G

    PhD after being in industry (EE)

    Dear members, I am an analog designer and I dont get to do a lot of interesting design work at my job. There is a PhD opportunity that came my way which offers really interesting work (will be in a top tier uni and will be working on project for a world famous research institute). However, I...
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    Courses Topics for undergraduate mathematics and physics research

    I will be attending a university in this fall, and I have decided to double major in physics and mathematics. However what haunts me most is the very idea of research. I am supposed to be publishing something new in 4 years both in mathematics and physics for completion of my course. But I cant...
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    Other Should I research outside of my school?

    Currently I am at the University of Texas at Arlington where I am studying the physical and chemical properties of supernova remnants to figure out the state of its progenitor star. Now, I was thinking of going someplace else to research for the summer, not because I am not interested in the...
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    Other Will building a telescope help my resume?

    The Physics group at my university is building an optical telescope (it will have a dome the size of an 8mX4m room and the mirror will have a diameter of about 65cm.) and we might also build a radio telescope or an array of telescopes which will work as one giant telescope. Also, I heard that we...
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    Other Research Paper

    I'm currently writing a paper on the Multiverse. I do have a theory of my own and have made the outline and started working on it. However, the language seems to unscientific, in the sense, its not very objective and crisp. How do i improve the quality of language and content of the paper. Any...
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    B Could a parallel universe exist?

    I'm just being introduced to quantum mechanics and physics, and I was wondering if the possibility of a parallel universe could exist. And if so, how do we know? I read some articles about the research done with Australian researchers who theorize that parallel universes do exist and interact...
  8. MNEG

    Quantum physics in engineering

    Hi, I am studying civil engineerin. I wonder if learning quantum physicist could be worth it for my career. I know that as an engineer I can get a master degree in physics, which have a lot of topics of modern physics. Do you think it could be a good idea? I mean, these new knoeledge is helpful...
  9. faiziqb12

    What research basically is [in mathematics]

    I want to pursue a matametical career but all of us know that a good research career or even professorship at good universities needs a good amount of research papers. so what basically is research , is it contributing new things or giving depper understanding of a known fact for example a...
  10. J

    I love biology and physics but I'm not sure what to study

    Hi, I love biology and want to go into research but I also love physics and want to become a physicist. In the UK you can only study one at degree level and there are no joint or double majors. So, I need some advice. Thanks