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    Fields of Rotating Dielectric Sphere in Dielelectric Medium

    Homework Statement A dielectric sphere with the electric and magnetic susceptibilities ε1 and µ1 is rotating with angular frequency ω in a constant electric field E~ in a medium, characterized by the parameters ε2 and µ2. The angle between the rotation axis and the direction of E~ is α. Find...
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    Question about a Conical Pendulum

    Homework Statement A conical Pendulum, a uniform, thin rod of mass m and length l, rotates about a vertical axis with angular velocity omega. Find the angle between the vertical and the rod. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know the usual approach to solve this question, write...
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    Quaternion Derivative

    How does the quaternion derivative work in the presence of a quaternion product. More specifically, does the standard product rule apply for quaternion derivatives? Say, I have a function f(q) = q* x a x q [where q -> quaternion, a -> const vector x-> quat prod] what is the result of the...
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    Question regarding sound and Earth's rotation

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and I have what is probably a simple question for most of you. Unfortunately a great deal of people I know have suddenly taken up the idea of a "Flat Earth", and they consistently post things that try to contest that a flat earth is a far more logical idea than a...