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  1. Y

    A Contribution of vacuum fluctuation to the self-energy of the electron

    In the book" The Quantum Theory of Radiation", Heitler derived the transverse self-energy of the electron(Chapter III, Section18, Eq.(23)) $$\frac{{{e^2}}}{{\pi m}}\int_{\text{0}}^\infty {kdk} $$ which is the energy of the electron under the action of the vacuum fluctuation of the radiation...
  2. USeptim

    A Issue in the electron’s infinite self-energy

    Hello, Reading Richard Feynman’s book “Quantum Electrodynamics” (Edited by Advanced Book Classics), I read that the electron’s self-energy is infinite and that has been a trouble for QED during 20 years. Feynman proposed a solution based on a cut-off, but that’s not fully satisfactory and I...