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  1. Anachronist

    B Non-ferrous solenoid actuator -- Force calculation

    I'm trying to come up with a lightweight solenoid linear actuator, by constructing two electromagnets that telescope. The outer coil would be wrapped around a soda straw, and the inner coil would fit inside the soda straw and be wrapped around something smaller, like a bamboo skewer (which also...
  2. J

    I Tangential force on a linear solenoid plunger

    Hello, I know how a plunger in a pull solenoid is pulled to the center of the solenoid. What I am wondering is the following. Does the plunger experience a centering force towards the center of the coil? If the plunger is moved slightly off-axis from the center of a circular coil, will the...
  3. Y

    Wind Turbine and Power Generation

    Working on a wind turbine for a class project and making an attempt to add a brake. The idea is that the turbine will generate power at a certain wind speed and if the wind speed is increased, we would slow the turbine with a mechanical brake. We're using a 10V low-torque motor and have created...
  4. U

    Astable linear solenoid?

    I enjoy doing kitchen engineering with my kids. We were looking to do a robotics experiment which would require a linear solenoid actuator to continuously pump. I thought it would be simple until I realized that I would likely need a 555 chip(?) and some skills with circuitry...which would be...