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    Calculating steel round bar's max capacity to support?

    First off, I am new to this forum.. However I wanted To find out if anyone would be able to help me calculate How much a steel bar (2 in. In diameter, 5 ft. Lengthwise) Would be able to hold up without bending?
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    How to plot stress-strain curve?

    Can we plot stress-strain curve if we only have yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation data? For example if i have: Yield strength = 300 MPa Tensile Strength = 600 MPa Elongation = 50% How to plot the stress-strain curve? Thanks
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    Material selection for chassis

    I am working on a project for which we have to design a Light weight tricycle. I want to know the procedure for selecting a light weight material for the chassis, which has good stiffness, economically available and good weld ability. We also have no constraints on the cross section of the pipes...
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    Computing max tensile and compressive stress in a bar

    Homework Statement I've used all the proper equations and done all the work with no problem. My only question is when computing the maximum stress, how do I know which one is the tensile and which on is the compressive? I've attached all my work and came out with Max stress = 3.84 Mpa and Max...