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    Toroid with Air Gap magnetostatics problem

    Homework Statement consider a toroidal electromagnet with an iron ring threaded through the turns of wire. The ring is not complete and has a narrow parallel-sided air gap of thickness d. The iron has a constant magnetization of magnitude M in the azimuthal direction. Use Ampere's law in terms...
  2. M

    I Movement of a iron ring inside a toroidal solenoid

    What happens when you apply power to a toroidal solenoid with a iron ring inside? Does the ring move? Does the speed of movement depend on the amount of power? Sorry if this is too easy, I have no education in physic.
  3. Mr. Rho

    Poloidal current in toroidal solenoid

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how the current density for a poloidal current in toroidal solenoid is written. I found you may define a torus by an upper conical ring ##(a<r<b,\theta=\theta_1,\phi)##, a lower conical ring ##(a<r<b,\theta=\theta_2,\phi)##, an inner spherical ring...