torque and drag

  1. T

    Aerodynamics and Torque calculation

    Hi :) I have to mount solar panels to columns. And for the stress calculations, I can't calculate the torque :( Could you help me out?
  2. vysqn

    Ek vs engine power in cars and space

    Help me please:) (1) An idealized engine with constant torque curve means constant acceleration. So for example if there is no air resistance and no frictions and car is on fixed gear and at 3000Rpm it produces 50Hp so at 6000Rpm will produce 100Hp. So he doubles the speed , doubles power and...
  3. B

    Calculating the torque required to rotate a ski on snow

    Hello friends, I'm currently working on an engineering competition project known as the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race, and I'm stuck on some preliminary calculations. I'm trying to calculate the amount of torque that will be required to rotate the front skis in order to turn the...
  4. Max KL

    What is the needed flow rate of the impeller with this info?

    Hi everyone! As an experiment I am trying to calculate building my own PWC similar to a jetski assuming it is for sea level use. I really appreciate all detailed answers as I want to understand. The impeller will be installed under rear of craft, engine is mounted on top. Given Information...
  5. E

    Torque&Drag in a drillpipe (Johancsik, 1984)

    Hi! Is anyone experienced With T&D calculations using above mentioned model: ? I have a trouble to understand what exactly F1 is and how to calculate it. I know it is an axial force, so it is drag? And once you calculate drag for one element, you use it as F1 to calculate drag in 2ns element...