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  1. J

    SNR for an underwater acoustic signal

    Hi, I'm trying to model the transmission loss and SNR of an acoustic signal underwater. I'm using this expression to modelize the transmitted signal: y = sqrt(P)*exp(1i*2*fr*pi*t)' where P is the transmission power in watts, fr is the transmission frequency and t is the acquisition time. The...
  2. Jason-Li

    Insertion Loss of a T-Network

    Homework Statement Calculate the insertion loss of the T-network given the values: Rs = 75Ω Rl = 100Ω Ra = 13Ω Rb = 13Ω Rc = 213Ω The transmission matrix and Network are below: 2. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Constructing the matrix: A = 1+Ra/Rc = 1+13/213 = 1.061 B...
  3. C

    A Underwater acoustics: transmission loss at long distance

    Hi all, I have some problems to understand how to calculate the transmission loss at long distance, which model do I have to use? I was looking into the energy flux model (Weston model), but I didn't understand at what range I should switch from "mode stripping" to "single mode". I am working...