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    Combined loading problem and failure

    Homework Statement The problem asks to find out whether the rod yields at points in section A according to the tresca and von mises criteria P is 120N Homework Equations Shear stress= VQ/It Stress= Mx/I shear stress= Tp/J The Attempt at a Solution I picked 2 points at section A. The...
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    Tresca criterion in terms of invariants

    Hi, The Tresca Critrion is given in the form of non continuous equations: Max(½|σ1-σ2|,½|σ2-σ3|,½|σ3-σ1|) = k How did they come up with the invarient equation f(J2,θ) = 2√J2 * sin(θ+⅓π)-2k, θ from (0 to 60)
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    Dang Van multiaxial fatigue criterion

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find a difference between two versions of the Dang Van criterion on multiaxial fatigue. Let's say that Dang Van 1 is the one that uses a critical plane and Dang Van 2 the one that uses the Tresca criterion (which means no critical plane) I assume that the only...