Trig help Definition and 7 Discussions

A triangulation station, also known as a trigonometrical point, and sometimes informally as a trig, is a fixed surveying station, used in geodetic surveying and other surveying projects in its vicinity. The nomenclature varies regionally: they are generally known as trigonometrical stations or triangulation stations in North America, trig points in the United Kingdom, trig pillars in Ireland, trig stations or trig points in Australia and New Zealand, and trig beacons in South Africa. Triangulation pillar is the more formal term for the concrete columns found in the UK, however, the informal term, "trig point", is used more often.

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  1. OldWorldBlues

    B Using trig to find distance?

    Hi there! I haven't yet taken a trigonometry course (I'm in High-school), but I have an amateur interest in surveying. Recently I began thinking about how I could calculate the height of a point relative to me, or the distance of the object from me. Naturally, I immediately thought of the...
  2. B

    Mathmatical model of a pendulum

    Homework Statement Suppose the pendulum string is attached to a point on the ceiling 30 cm from the wall. The weight is moved away from its rest position and released at time t=0. At time t=1.4 sec, it reaches its maximum distance from the wall, 37.4 cm away, and then swings back toward the...
  3. A

    Finding the coordinate of a point by Law of Cosines/Sines

    Homework Statement A model for the suspension of a vehicle is shown where the spring has stiffness k = 178 and an unstretched length of 347 mm. Here is the picture: Part a asked to determine the value of P and the force supported by member AB so that the...
  4. Adriane

    I'm having trouble creating my own trig function

    I'm developing my own trigonometric function concerning a "real world" problem of my choosing. I decided to go with the orbit of Neptune around the sun. I just don't know how to develop the equation itself, like if it would be sine or cosine? I'm just lost as to where to begin. If anyone can...
  5. X

    Finding an unknown force at an unknown angle

    Homework Statement So we have a force of unknown magnitude acting on these struts at an angle θ measured from strut AB. The component of the force acting along AB is 600lb, and the magnitude of the force acting along BC is 500lb. If Φ = 60°, what is the magnitude of F and the angle θ...
  6. X

    Convert radius/s to m/s?

    Homework Statement The angular velocity of the ferris wheel with a diameter of 18m is pi/24 radians/s. How would that compare to m/s? Homework Equations v=(2pi(r))/360 The Attempt at a Solution 2pi(9)/360 =0.157m/s
  7. S

    Cannon and Hill Problem

    My problem goes : A projectile is fired with initial speed v_0 at an angle of \alpha up a hill slope \beta (\alpha > \beta) a) How far up the hill will the projectile land. Attempt to solution: I understood that this is a problem where I need to find the intersection of the parabola and the...