What is Typesetting: Definition and 14 Discussions

Typesetting is the composition of text by means of arranging physical type or its digital equivalents. Stored letters and other symbols (called sorts in mechanical systems and glyphs in digital systems) are retrieved and ordered according to a language's orthography for visual display. Typesetting requires one or more fonts (which are widely but erroneously confused with and substituted for typefaces). One significant effect of typesetting was that authorship of works could be spotted more easily, making it difficult for copiers who have not gained permission.

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  1. T

    LaTeX Typesetting standards for subscripts

    Good afternoon, I have a question about italicizing certain subscripts. Say we have the following kinematic equation: $$ y_{i} = y_{f} + v_{i_y}t + \dfrac{1}{2}a_{y}t^2$$ Where the ##i## and ##f## subscripts are in reference to initial and final displacements, and the ##y## subscript is in...
  2. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX I'm trying to typeset a certain symbol in LaTeX

    https://tug.ctan.org/info/symbols/comprehensive/symbols-a4.pdf The symbol I've described isn't in this list. I've searched "crescent" and "moon", but to no avail. Will I have to go through the trouble of creating one myself using TikZ, or something? Also, I need a horizontal border to insert...
  3. topolosaurus

    LaTeX \newcommand on Physics Forum post

    Hello, this is my first question on Physics Forums and is a question on how to ask questions. I have been using LaTex for a while already. I wanted to post a thread about classical field theory. I tried to use \newcommand just to make easier the typing of expressions such as...
  4. D

    Can anyone identify this integral font?

    Hello! Desperately looking for an answer to this. While it's not really a physics or maths question, I don't really know where else to ask, so I reasoned here was as good as anywhere - please excuse me if I'm asking in the wrong place. Does anyone recognise the font used in this integral? I'd...
  5. tesselate

    LaTeX What are the macros you guys use to speed up LaTeX-ing?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if you guys could suggest some macro-s that you use in your LaTeX preamble, to speed up typing up your homeworks/reports. I think typesetting any report looks very professional, so I don't want to stop LaTeX-ing them. However, it does take a huge chunk of my day...
  6. DrClaude

    Typesetting multi-line equations

    I have a question on how to properly typeset a series of inequalities or approximate equalities when the LHS does not change. Take for example f(x) = \sin(x) \\ \quad \approx x - \frac{x^3}{3!} \\ \quad = x - \frac{x^3}{6} What I did there is that I took it as if it was one long line...
  7. S

    LaTeX Typesetting a tricky matrix in LaTeX

    I am trying to typeset the attached partitioned 8x8 matrix in LaTeX. I have drawn it without the parentheses with the columns and rows numbered. Submatrices I, 0, A, B, C, and D are 2X2 matrices while T is a 4X4 matrix. The main trouble I have is getting T to span the rows and columns. Is there...
  8. Monocerotis

    Physics Typesetting (Velocity)

    Homework Statement I am typing up some physics notes in Microsoft Word 2007, and I would like to know how to write as in - The line over the v indicates an average or a mean.
  9. R

    LaTeX Typesetting Multiple Overlapping Braces in LaTeX

    I'd like to typeset an expression like, a + b + c + d = e The problem is I'd like to use multiple underbraces (or perhaps overbraces) which may also overlap. For example, \underbrace{a + b}_\textrm{brace 1} + c + d = e is the first brace. But I'd also like to have a second brace...
  10. T

    Tips for Solving Typesetting Problems in LaTeX

    Hey, I'm trying to learn how to use LaTeX and while I think it's easy how to form equations and symbols, the thing I find most difficult is laying things out how I'd prefer. I wanted it to look like this but couldn't work out how to do it, if anybody has any tips, examples, tutorials or...
  11. A

    Math Typesetting: LaTeX & Other Options

    In general (not specifically for forums), what are the different math typesettings? I know there is LaTeX, but I have also seen something that looks different on sites such as MathWorld. Does anyone know what it is?
  12. T

    LaTeX Latex Typesetting and Forum/CMS Choice Discussion

    No-- I haven't forgotten about the forum Marcus I actually have been working with my hosts about being able to instal latex I finally got an answer and they said it would cost 50 dollars... I however also got an offer from a friend to use some of his space and he would allow me to...
  13. Bob3141592

    Notation for recursion - better typesetting

    I know this is nothing new to most people here, but my question is really more about the notation than the mathematics. And since this question is really about notation, and it’s my first use of the LaTex equation formatter, I get to experiment with something new. That’s always fun. But...
  14. chroot

    LaTeX Introducing LaTeX Math Typesetting

    Please go to this post for help with the current version of LaTeX used at Physics Forums. https://www.physicsforums.com/help/latexhelp/ Note: while the thread that follows has become outdated, many of the examples it contains are still relevant. Physicsforums.com is proud to introduce the...