voltage amplifier

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    Electrical Why isn’t this Tesla coil working?

    Hello all! I have made a Tesla coil using a proven circuit I found online but what I have made isn’t working here is a picture please help. PS: yes I know it is fairly messy but the specs are as fallows: B50k potentiometer One green 5mm led One 200ohm 1/4 W 5% resistor Primary coil is 8...

    Yenka simulator to build an RS flip-flop

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical forums, so no HH Template is shown > a) Using the Yenka (or similar) simulator, you are required to build an RS flip-flop using 2 NAND gates, switches, LEDs and 330Ω resistors. Test the circuit and prove its correct operation against the...

    How can I plot a graph for these opamp results?

    i have build and simulated the op amp circuit, i have recorded the voltage gain at different frequencies, now i need to plot a graph for the two results in same graph paper, i have not plotted a graph before for the related task so i need to understand from the basics, i need some one to...
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    Connecting a load to a voltage amplifier

    Hi. This is a problem from an electronics textbook: The output voltage of a voltage amplifier has been found to decrease by 20% when a load resistance of 1 k is connected. What is the value of the amplifier output resistance? How is there an output voltage without there being a load? 80%...