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    B Survive falling into water. Calm vs Disturbed

    I heard that you can not survive a fall into water at a height of 250 feet or higher. I have also heard that the reason for this is it acts like concrete at the speed you would be traveling. My example scenario is kinda odd but goes like this. You are a paratrooper. You have just jumped out of...
  2. Assim

    I Cooling down hot water

    I have a project which i need to cool down certain quantity of hot water. I need to cool down water of around 25 litres at 50 Degree celcius to 30 Degree celcius, Static water, not flowing. (or incoming 50 Degrees - Outgoing 30 Degrees with approx 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate) time...
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    Infrared spectroscopy to find water absorption lines

    Hi I am currently trying to find the water absorption lines by using a Michelson interferometer, as a detector I am using an ocean spectrometer. The data obtained is thus the spectrum's "received" by the spectrometer. Am I right to assume that in order to find the absorption peak/peaks I should...