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    Approximating Probability for a Wave Function

    Homework Statement The wavefunction at t = 0 is given by $$\Psi = N*e^{-\frac{r}{a_0}}$$ where ##r = |\mathbf{x}|##. ##a_0## is a constant with units of length. The electron is in 3 dimensions. Find the approximate probability that the electron is found inside a tiny sphere centered at the...
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    B Treating a galaxy as a quantum system

    If a wave function could be assigned to a whole galaxy, would its mass spread along the wave? Could this account for the anomalies in our calculations for galactic spin?
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    Probability Density in an infinite 1D square well

    Homework Statement The wave function of a particle of mass m confined in an infinite one-dimensional square well of width L = 0.23 nm, is: ψ(x) = (2/L)1/2 sin(3πx/L) for 0 < x < L ψ(x) = 0 everywhere else. The energy of the particle in this state is E = 63.974 eV. 1) What is the rest energy...
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    Need help finding fermion energies and probabilities

    <Moved from a technical forum, therefore no template> For two non-interacting fermions confined to a 1d box of length L. Construct the antisymmetric wave functions (Slater determinant) and compare ground state energies of two systems, one in the singlet state and the other in the triplet state...
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    Probability wave function is still in ground state after imparting momentum

    Homework Statement An interaction occurs so that an instantaneous force acts on a particle imparting a momentum ## p_{0} = \hbar k_{0}## to the ground state SHO wave function. Find the probability that the system is still in its ground state. Homework Equations ##\psi _{0} =\left(...