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  1. G

    Sound Wave Interference Problem

    Homework Statement This is just a question about a question in Serway & Jewett's "Physics for Scientists and Engineers 3rd Ed". It's Objective Question 3 from Chapter 18, building on Example 18.1 from the text. Two identical loudspeakers placed 3.00 m apart are driven by the same oscillator...
  2. A

    I Optics: How would you determine wavelength?

    If there is an light source that is emitting light with the wl of 450nm (blue) and it illuminated a low reflective red object. How would the wavelength be different then if the object was a white object or the emitted light is from a white led. How would we determine this. I am working on a...
  3. Techno_Knight

    Wave Interference: Minimum Intensity/Hyperbolic

    Homework Statement Two identical speakers, 10.0 m apart from each other, are stimulated by the same oscillator, with a frequency f, of 21.5 Hz, at a place where the speed of sound is 344 m/s. a) Show that a receiver at A will receive the minimum intensity of sound (Amin) due to the...
  4. ElegantSir

    Physics - Wave Interference

    A string has one end tied to a wave generator, and the other tied to a fixed position,. It takes the wave 0.10 seconds to travel 4.5m. Withing the same distance there are 3 complete loops. Find the frequency of the source. Pretty generic question. But I keep getting stuck at trying to find the...
  5. I

    Wave interference pattern

    Homework Statement Using the two-dimensional wave interference pattern shown and the two equations involving path difference, complete the following: (please see attachment) a)Measure the wavelength of the waves, the distance between the sources, and the path distance from each of the...