wireless energy transfer

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    Electrical Why isn’t this Tesla coil working?

    Hello all! I have made a Tesla coil using a proven circuit I found online but what I have made isn’t working here is a picture please help. PS: yes I know it is fairly messy but the specs are as fallows: B50k potentiometer One green 5mm led One 200ohm 1/4 W 5% resistor Primary coil is 8...
  2. M

    Power signal calculation using Parseval's Theorem

    1. Homework Statement Hi guys, I have the following transmitted power signal: $$x(t)=\alpha_m \ cos[2\pi(f_c+f_m)t+\phi_m],$$ where: ##\alpha_m=constant, \ \ f_c,f_m: frequencies, \ \ \theta_m: initial \ phase.## The multipath channel is: $$h(t)=\sum_{l=1}^L \sqrt{g_l} \...
  3. The GodWhiz

    Physics Research in wireless energy transfer or Future space engines

    Hi, i am a 2nd year B.E student in India,and a new user to this site(sorry for any mistakes :) ) .My question is i want to do research that primarily concerns these 2 areas viz.Wireless energy transfer, and future space engines(starwhisps,solar sails,etc),is there any way to acheive my dream,i...