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  1. Quentin_alex

    Discontinuous yielding in a low alloy steel

    What could prevent the discontinuous yield (upper and lower) points during a tensile test on a low alloy steel A706 grade? Thanks.
  2. N

    Indentation Test: How can you tell if the material yielded?

    Homework Statement I am modeling a 2D indentation test of pure Aluminum in ANSYS using non-linear analysis. The objective is to determine the minimum force required at the rigid indenter in order to achieve yielding of the Aluminum block. The indenter is 2 micrometers in width and is rigid...
  3. A

    B Yield Point vs Elastic Limit

    I don't understand the difference between the elastic limit and the yield point. I understand that if you stretch a material within the elastic limit, then the material should return to its normal shape. However, the yield point is described as the point at which a permanent increase in length...