0.0 K + Planc temperature

  1. I am curious as to what would happen if you took something that was as cold as you can get and mixed it with something that is as hot as you can get. I have bin wondering for a long time. I believe it would cause an explosion of some sort.
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  3. Not necessarily. What if there is a very strong resister separating the 2 systems (like a very narrow pipe 10 angstroms wide).
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    it depends, for example why would they explode? I guess because:
    Naturally you wouldn't be able to bring them too close together because there would be a large repulsion between them (due to the particle flow from the higher temp to the 0K object because it has much more energy states free for them and in order to bring thermodynamical equilibrium).
  5. ChrisVer could you use that repulsion to generate lift?
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    in general yes.. I don't see a reason why it cannot.
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