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0=1 or is it my mistake?

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    Obviously it is my mistake but i am wondering what is the mistake i made. First of all, i didn't know how to type math in this forum so i attached a word document with my "idea"

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    Your mistake lies in assuming that the constant of integration must be the same "c".
    It won't be.
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    could you explain a little more?
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    nicksauce , i got an email that you replied but i can't see your post
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    In an indefinite integration you will get a constant c. It doesn't have to be the same in b oth integrals so the constant in the right integral will cover for the addition of '1'.

    In definite integration, you will need to put the boundaries on 1 to.
    So it will be lie:


    Which is of course zero, and therefore there is no contradiction.
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    elibj123, thank you very much I was referring to indefinite integration and i understand now. Again thanks
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