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Homework Help: 0-60-0 Help

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    0-60-0 Help :(

    I am going to court tomorrow for a trafic citation and need to figure out the following

    0-60mph back down to 0 = X feet

    information i have:

    0-60 = 6.7 sec

    60-0 = 112 feet
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    It seems your braking (or was it a collision?) was much more effective than the acceleration. It is only possible to give an approximation answer in this case since your speed most likely did not change uniformly as you accelerated. If one assumes that it did change at a constant rate then the total distance travelled while going from 0 - 60 (0 - 88 ft/sec) is just the area under the speed time graph which will then be the area of a triangle with a base of 6.7 sec and a height of 88 feet/sec which gives a distance of 295 feet.
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