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0.99999 . = 1

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    0.99999..... = 1

    From what I have read and understood .999... = 1. Wherever I read it, I notice a huge argument sparked. What does everyone think.
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    There are at least 20 threads on this topic, so I suggest you browse first.
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    Come on... not again. This is neither an interesting nor challenging topic for anyone with more than a school child's grasp of mathematics. The only people who argue it are, well, those with no more than a school child's grasp of mathematics. There is no argument -- 0.999... = 1 by the axioms of the real numbers. Unless you're trying to redefine the real numbers, there is no possible way that 0.999... does not equal 1. If you're interested in redefining the real numbers, well, we're not interested in listening. End of story.

    - Warren
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    Hurkyl just closed this exact thread in "Number Theory".
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