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0th dimension and other dimensions

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    hi :D
    after reading up on 10 dimensions (and how more can be added any time we need them even though they might not exist) i found it intresting how it stated that 5-10 dimensions where located in the well known 3 dimensions we see every day (with the 4th dimension being time).

    what i dont understand is that if these are spheres and they overlap so no gap is left between them (if a gap is left that means that these dimensions wont exist everywhere in which case maths which has built up around them will fail) then that means these spheres must overlap with our own 3 dimensions. If they overlap with our 3 dimensions wouldnt that just mean that they are our 3 dimensions and no more.

    let me reword it incase it got a little confusing
    we know our 3 dimensions quite well... inside our dimensions are other dimensions (spheres if u will which are made up of another 3 or so dimensions). lets say these spheres dont touch each other. does this mean that there are places where only 3 dimensions exist (not taking time into account)?

    also how is there a 0th dimension?

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    Extra dimensions wouldn't be located "in the well known 3 dimensions we see every day". An extra dimension is by definition a direction that is independent of the others. So there wouldn't be any overlapping spheres.

    If you call an extra dimension "0th" or "5th" or even "Dave", is up to you. It just a convention.
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    so that means the site
    is misleading

    and theres no way to prove these dimensions other than maths rite? so eventually they can be disproven with enough calculations
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    Why would this site be misleading ???

    To us spacetime looks like a continuum. it is only when you probe to much smaller distance-scales that the "granular" structure of space time would become manifest. I am referring to quantized space time here but this also goes for these extra dimensions...

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