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1.0 or 1.3A adapter problems?

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    [SOLVED] 1.0 or 1.3A adapter problems?

    Hi everyone!

    I didn't know where to post this question so I posted it here.

    I have a unit that needs an adapter with the following stats:

    INPUT AC 220V 50Hz 17W

    It is completely impossible for me to find such an adapter. I've searched everywhere, and I even talked to electricians about it. They are very rare with European plugs (I live in Denmark), I don't even know if they exists..

    BUT today I found an adapter from an old Nintendo machine in my house. It is ALMOST the adapter that I need. Here is the stats:

    INPUT AC 220V 50Hz 17W
    OUTPUT AC 9V 1.3A

    As you can see the only difference is that the one I need has an 1A output and the one I found has a 1.3A output.

    Is it possible to use a 1.3A adapter instead of the 1.0A? I've tried it quickly and the unit works with it, but I quickly turned it off again because I wanted to know if it was OK to use.

    Hope you can help, I'm so tired of this problem.

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    Thread moved from GD to EE. Welcome to the PF, Atomixx.

    Yes, the adapter you have found will work fine. The output current rating is a maximum, so as long as the current drawn is less than that maximum, it will work fine. Good find!
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    Thank you very much for your answer, I am very happy to hear that! Yeah I was very lucky that I found that Nintendo adapter (NES)!


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