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1+1D Dirac eq., low energy 2 components of spinor roughly =?

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    I found a paper that derives the Dirac equation in 1 + 1 dimensional space-time. It is equation 8, here,

    http://academic.reed.edu/physics/fa...Miscellaneous Essays/A. 2D Dirac Equation.pdf

    and here,

    https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/upload_2015-1-7_15-23-20-png.77402/ [Broken]

    I tried to solve this and if my results were correct (not much confidence) then it looks as if unlike solutions to the 3 + 1 dimensional Dirac equation in 1 + 1 dimensions for small energy both components are roughly equal? Please see my solution below. I am not concerned about normalization factors.


    Looking at solutions of the 3+1d Dirac equation I thought I could just throw away 2 of the 4 components and have a solution to the 1+1d Dirac equation, but when I substituted the guess in the 1+1d equation above things did not work out?


    Thanks for any help!
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    Well if you Google the topic you get lots of info, just not at the level of "The Dirac equation in (1+1) dimension for really stupid, lame ass, mouth breathers". It is a shame as it seems a lot of interesting physics can go on in 1+1 spacetime, or even 0+1 spacetime! The Dirac equation does not seem so mind boggling in 1+1 dimensions, that is why the interest.

    For dimension 0+1 please see,


    Will keep at it.
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