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    Why doesn't someone post a sticky in the math or logic forum about the 1=.99999999... thing?
    Or for that matter, a sticky in all the general forums including FAQ?
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    While these incessant threads are pretty annoying, it's not really right of us to just shut down any discussion of the topic. There will always be a constant stream of people who do not understand this bit of math, and we have an obligation to continue to help them -- not just provide a sticky and tell them to go away.

    - Warren
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    What I had in mind was a more of an FAQ post; something the mentors could write up and refer people to as an introduction. Of course, if someone still had questions after reading the FAQ post, they should be free to ask.
    There are other topics which come up regularly and can quickly be explained. The "general" subforums seem like good places for such FAQ posts.
    Just a thought
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