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1 Analysis questions

  1. Nov 13, 2005 #1
    I have a questions:

    Given is the equation 3x^2 +8xy-3y^2 = 1
    I know have to find the function x -> y:=f(x) which is implicit defined by the equation above.
    I have solved the question for x1,x2 = (4x+/- sqr(25x^2+3)) / 3

    My question what do I have to do now?

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    I am sorry but don't you need to look for [tex]\frac {dy}{dx}[/tex] first by differentiating your given equation ?

    This would be something like [tex]6xdx + 8 (xdy + ydx) - 6ydy = 0[/tex] Then solve for [tex]\frac {dy}{dx}[/tex].

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