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1 more quick calculus question

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    The question is,
    The steps you follow to maximize a quantity are the same as the steps to minimize a quantity, explain why?
    Im not sure why???
    I know to maximize or minimize a quantity, you find the derivative, let it equal 0 and solve to find the value of the variable that results in a maximum or minimum, then you find the maximum or minimum value (if required) by substitution, then check to see you have the maximum or minimum by test-second derivative if >0 then min, if <0 max. Can any one please explain to me why??? THANKS SOO MUCH!
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    Both type of points are among the critical points.The fact that the tangent is || to the Ox axis in both situations should make the algorithms similar.And the only difference is the sign of the second derivative.

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    Compare minimizing f(x) with maximizing -f(x).
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